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Inspection Services

Plumbing & Gas Inspector

Norm Rolnick

Phone: (413) 652-2517

Building Inspector/Zoning Enforcement Officer

BJ Church 
Phone: (413) 548-6633

Board of Health Inspector

Norm Rolnick

Phone: (413) 652-2517

Wiring Inspector

Steve Meranti

Phone: (413) 652-9004

Electrical Permit Fees

Minimum Fee $40.00 Flat
Fixtures (switches, outlets) $1.00 Per Fixture,  $75.00 Maximum Fee
New Residential/Commercial Structure $80.00 Flat Fee
Multi Unit Residential/Commercial  $100.00 Plus .10 Per 1,000 S.F of heated Space
Temporary Service $65.00 Flat Fee
Solar Panels + Building permit
 -  (roofs or ground mounted)
$75.00 Flat Fee
per Kilowatt Hour
Non-Heated Space
 - (barns, garages, sheds)
$75.00 Per sq. ft.
Industrial - New Construction $375.00 Flat Fee
Industrial - Alternation/Renovation $10.00 Per Receptacles/Switch
Hard Wired Smoke/Carbon Detector  $50.00 First, $25.00 each additional
Electrical Panel Upgrade or Replacement $75.00 First, $1.00 each additional
New Meter Socket(s) Residential  $75.00 First, $15.00 each additional
New Meter Socket(s) Commercial  $100.00 First, $25.00 each additional
New Meter Sockets(s) Industrial $250.00 First, $50.00 each additional
220 Volt Outlet Installation, Replacement  $25.00 All Zoning Classifications
Blanket Industrial/Commercial
 - Maintenance Permit for 12 Months 
Oil Burner $40.00

Permits, Files, & Forms 

Files and Forms
Building Permit Pack
Stove Permit
Building Permit Application Checklist
Procedure Sheet and Signature List
Well Construction Permit
Workers’ Compensation Insurance Affidavit
Trench Permit
Title 5 Inspection Form
Plumbing Permit
Gas Permit
Electrical Permit